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Local Candidates Meetings

FYI: I will be publishing all of the candidate meetings I know about for Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo, Kitchener Centre and Kitchener-Conestoga to our Google Events Calendar. The focus is on referendum stuff but we are trying to keep track of as many election events as we know about.

It looks like I can't make many of the all-candidates meetings, but I may write about the meetings I attend.

In other news, it is vaguely embarrassing doing LJ using a graphical browser -- especially at the library.


I apprecate you doing this.

Hope you can get un-burned-out soon.

Now, if you set up a Movable Type blog of your very own, you could look all 31337 at the library. Though, compared to everyone doing myspace and facebook, lj should be less embarrassing.