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Civic duty

Well, that's done. Now I can ignore municipal politics for four whole years before making another set of uninformed decisions. (It's telling that I nearly FLIPPED A COIN for some of my choices in the voting booth.)

Did you realize that Hazel McCallion (mayor for life in Mississauga) is 85 years old!? Wow do I feel torn about that. For one thing, there is a reasonable chance the woman will die in office. I wouldn't want Mississauga to turn out like Cuba, where the city breaks out into a civil war after the dictator passes away. Let's at least hope she's grooming a successor.

On the other hand, I'll bet that her job is a primary factor in keeping her vital, healthy and alive. It would be awful if she lost office and pulled a Charles Schulz. How coldhearted would it be to take the life support system away from a sweet old lady just so that Mississauga doesn't break down into municipal chaos?

I voted for a distressing number of candidates that have affiliations with conservative and right-wing parties this time. What's wrong with me? I'm not 40 yet!! Is this the start of some dismal trend?

I had planned to post a couple of other things about the election campaign and voting in general. Probably I should spare you, but I don't know whether I have the self control.


I'd definitely be interested in hearing your thoughts about voting in general. When I first was able to vote, and doing small amounts of research on how this whole election thing worked, I was a bit flabbergasted at the system. (granted, I don't know if I could think of a better one.)

I personally didn't vote today. I feel really uncomfortable voting when I didn't do my research. And I especially feel uncomfortable voting just because some candidate (such as Hazel) rings a bell to me.

I don't know, though. You have others saying it's your civic duty to vote ... do they mean regardless of if you did your research or not, or gave a chance to all parties?

Federal elections are definitely more hyped [and simpler -- one 'X'-mark and you're done!]. Maybe that's why I've voted in the last two, but not in this municipal election..?

No, I don't advocate that people should vote by choosing a name arbitrarily. That doesn't stop people, though. I'm not even sure that people should be forced to vote, although people's unwillingness to cast informed ballots has some pretty profoundly negative consequences (e.g. nobody challenges Hazel on anything).

There are better voting systems. Provincially we are heading straight for a referendum on changing our voting system! This is very exciting, but practically nobody in Ontario knows about it. (You may have read about some of the organizing work I have been posting to this blog. If not, you can visit Fair Vote Canada and/or <a href="http://www.citizensassembly.gov.on.ca/>the citizen's assembly</a> website.)